The younger generation is the best!!!!

Hello everyone!

I arrived to Bilbao by bus from Vitoria this morning. We traveled through a freeway with pine trees and other types of trees on both sides of the road. We saw rock formations, mines and vineyards, old farm houses and many new ones as well. There were good views from my window showcasing churches and buildings and lots of green. As we got closer to the city, the building got taller and taller.

I opened my computer to check a few things and had to check an agreement  with the bus’ terms to use their wifi. When I arrived at the hostel, I went out to get something to eat; actually, it was a tortilla – the kind I have described earlier. There were all kinds of them sitting on the counter.

Then when I opened my computer to write this short piece on how I got here, the main page from the bus popped up and I couldn’t delete it. After trying to get help from the front desk, we decided it was a computer problem so I went about trying to fix it. There was a nice young man sitting next to me in the community room, and I disturbed him to ask for help. Well, folks there was another angel, for in about three minutes, he had the problem fixed; the one I had been working on for one hour.

Don’t knock the younger generation for they are the best!!!!

Meanwhile, the lady at the front desk is from Cuba, full of energy, and willing to go out of her way for me. It is amazing how great the average person is and she’s a good example. She has reserved a time for me on Friday, and will take me by car to her little village and show me around. Angels????? You betcha!!!!!!

More about her later…right now, I need to walk around and see what is near the hostel.


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  1. Laureen….
    Hope the lady from the front desk finds you the perfect spot in her village for your next adventure.
    Yes ,there are angels everywhere ,and they find you…….or do you find them ?
    Blog on..

  2. Thank’s for this text!
    I’m the nice young man!

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