The Year of the Cousins

IMG_2553I have met more of my cousins and sons and daughter’s of cousins this year than ever before. It’s been fun.

Starting with Claudia, her husband, and daughter. Her son, Scott, and I communicate through Facebook, so he’s on the list. I had dinner with Claudia, and she accompanied me, my sister-in-law and a friend to a museum in Montrose.

Then, when I ventured down to Lakewood, there was Beverly, and her kids, who are my cousins, as well. Beverly and I enjoyed an evening of family talk, and she printed out some family photos she has that I don’t have.

Soon, I’ll see my other cousin, Barbie, and maybe her son, as well. I have some photos for her, and then they’ll be more family talk.

I was close to my cousins when I lived in Colorado, enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers, but when I moved to California, that all stopped. I did meet with my cousin, Barbie on occasion, but not often enough.

I regret not growing closer to my Colorado cousins, as they do too.

IMG_2575So, The Year of the Cousins, has been a joy! Cousin Claudia is on the left, next is friend, Marilyn, Big John, the museum guide and sister-in-law, Carol.


A flower for my cousins. I love you all.

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