The visit to the village and super salad

We had a breakfast worthy of royalty waiting for us in the restaurant room. this morning The table was arranged as an art exhibit with all kinds of food.

Then we all met in the common room for the days’ work. My one-on-one would be with Luis, who is a nuclear engineer. I actually met him last night at dinner. He looks like Anthony Quinn.

Carlota, our actress/mistress of ceremonies told me that Luis and I would go to the village with her so she could purchase some pens at the book/stationery store.

It was such a privilege to see the village of Gredos, a village known for the growing of beans. We saw the central courtyard getting the market ready for the day. By then it was a bit after 10 a.m. and farmers were bringing their fruit, vegetables ready and a restaurant had set out their chairs in the courtyard for people to sit, drink, and people-watch.

The church, with gothic stone features, was built in the thirteen century. We walked around it, and saw a fountain in front of the church. A tall tower features large bells. The town is quaint with old streets and stone building set close to the sidewalks.

Going to the village was a surprise so I didn’t have my camera with me.

Carlota said there may be another opportunity. I sure hope so, as I’m dying to show you the charming village. Luis told me that many people have left the town for larger cities and better opportunities, but keep their houses in the village for their use during the summer.

“They have the best of both worlds,” I said, and Luis agreed.

Yesterday, the one-on-one I had with Bart led to a funny story he told me about understanding English in a America. The waitress asked him if he wanted supersalad – or that is what he thought she said.

He repeated, “Oh, supersalad. Yes, I’d like supersalad.”

“What kind would you like?”


“What kind of soup would you like?”

“I’m confused, I thought you said supersalad.”

“Oh, no I said: Soup or Salad. What kind of soup would you like to have?” I will bring you the soup and the salad.

Then I told him the story of the day I had in Holland where I made up my mind to speak Dutch all day. I saw a woman at the train station and we were making small-talk and doing quite well – if I don’t say so myself – until she told me she just had her hair done.

I looked at her and in perfect Dutch, I said, “Oh, yes, I can tell, it’s very ugly.”

I misused the word and ruined the lady’s day until I realized my mistake and apologized.

After the visit to the village and finishing up the one-on-one with Luis, I went up to my room, and it was cleaned up. The bed was made, there were fresh towels, and the room sparkled in cleanliness.

I’m spoiled.

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  1. Well, I’d say you deserve to be spoiled, after having to traipse up stairs and smell men’s feet! You seem to have picked the perfect adventure, and I look forward to hearing more.

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