The sun came out today

The sun came out today!

I walked to the Reykjavik Culture Museum and saw some impressive manuscripts made in the medieval and post-medieval era. Some were part of the collection of Arni Magnusson. There is a sad story associated with Magnusson. He was born in 1663, educated in Iceland and then in Copenhagen. Later he was professor of Danish Antiquities at the University of Copenhagen.
A good part of his life-time, prized, medieval collection of manuscripts was lost in a fire in Copenhagen in 1728. Magnusson died a year later, and made me wonder if it wasn’t of a broken heart.

What was rescued of Magnusson’s collections were sent to Iceland from Copenhagen, when the Danes gave them to the Icelandic nation.

The museum rooms showcase the tools of the book-binding business, and also the intricate and perfect printing by hand, and the designs made from the colored ink that was created by crushing rocks, minerals and plants. Parchment from hides of animals was used for the writings.

Now, when the computer doesn’t do what I expect of it, I remember the tediousness of the scribes and the beautiful work they did to write stories and sagas. We have it made.

Later, I found the Noodle Station, a place where you can purchase a bowl of soup for only 650 ISK (Icelandic Kronas). It was delicious. Then I walked on to the swimming pool, a feature of Icelandic culture. There are many pools with “hot pots” where you can sit and warm up.

I gave the “hot pot” a good fifteen minutes. Inigrid told me many people go to the pool before going to work in the mornings.

Hot water is readably available and cold water for drinking is good. There are no chemical tastes in drinking water whatsoever.

It’s a lot of fun in the Guesthouse meeting people from all over the world. There was some discussion between Gergo and Marianne, a laughing lady from Switzerland, and Inigrid about where I’ll be going in June. In Marianne’s tour book, it’s listed as the most lonely spot in the world. (Or did she say Iceland?)

This is what I know: it’s close to the Arctic Circle, and to get there depends on the weather. The person I’m renting the place from, may drive me there, either all the way, with a possible stop along the way or straight there; it all depends on the weather. Or I may fly part of the way and take a bus the rest of the way. Who knows? Not even I know, yet.

I spoke to Siggi today about how I’d get there, and we agreed that I should call him again in two weeks to get closer to a plan.

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