The last supper

It’s almost 6:30 p.m. and I just had my last supper with the Global Services Corp. Country Coordinator, Sophak and a new volunteer from New York, Marcos.

We ate at the first place Sophak took me to when I arrived. I had an omelette with Acacia leaves and Cambodian iced coffee.

We talked about photography and our experiences in life, and before dinner, Sophak and I spoke about my experiences here in Cambodia. I had an extraordinary time. It is the most exotic place I have ever been so far in all of my travels.

I was lucky to be in a country with such friendly, warm people.

I wished Marcos well, and (not part of Cambodian etiquette) gave Sophak a hug. I asked him first. It just seemed so un-final without a good old American hug. After all, the experience was to share our cultures. Sophak was compliant and gave a hug back. He’s a great guy doing a very good job.

Two more hours and the taxi will take me to the airport and that will be the end of my Cambodian Buddhism Immersion program.

I am grateful for the experience.

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  1. Laureen…..looking forward to the first chapter of your new book !
    Be thinking of you as you enjoy the beauty of Colorado !
    Paula and Bud

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