The good times have begun in the Faroes

The Faroe Islands between Iceland and Norway are composed of eighteen Islands, with seventeen of them inhabited. On the way to Arngrim’s home in  Soldarfjordur on the Island of Esturoy, from the Vagar Airport located in Sorvagur, we drove through the Vestmannasund, one of the subsea tunnels that go right under the sea, and then we drove through two regular tunnels.

All along the one hour drive, I saw sheep of many colors, an ancient breed native to the Islands, and charming farms, some with grassy roof tops. Well, heck the whole Island is charming in many special ways.

There are harbors where fishermen take their boats out to sea, as they have for centuries, and there are  fjords bordered by tall table top mountains, with emerald green grass below that showcases the stone ribbons that circle the top of the cliffs.

Birds; there were many birds to see, and those I can see right out of the kitchen window across the fjord to the Skali Village. Big fishing boats are in every harbor. Today, Arngrim took me on a drive to other villages. I have taken many photos and display some of them here:  houses that I found particularly charming and the Russian ships in the harbor.

Arngrim’s parents Per and Eldrid,  take care of their grandchildren during some days, and at the same time, they perform the coziest atmosphere you could ever desire. Arngrim is the most loved uncle to his nieces and nephews.

Most everything is perfect, however, there was a glitch in the day when I went inside a bank to exchange Icelandic krona’s for Faroese money and was refused. According to the bank teller, Iceland’s finances are not financially secure yet to take the risk of exchanging them. Well, thanks to Arngrim, he will buy them from me, and use them in Iceland, on his many flights into Reykjavik.


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  1. What a beautiful contrast of land and sea and sky!

  2. Carla Hamelin

    Well, I am just gonna have to say it….I’m so jealous! What a wonderful place to be….the land, sky, water, animals, rooftops…and more for sure! I’ve got the travel itch now though I will probably be here in Marina until the last kid leaves the nest, and that is yet another 11 years! Enjoy your time in the Faroe Islands Laureen!

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