The gallery melodrama

I left you with one guy calling another guy an idiot for wanting me to take down the photos so he could patch the walls.

So the plaster guy showed up this morning, but before that, I had a chance to take the photos down. I went to work erasing the pencil marks on the wall with art gum eraser that fell down all over the framed photos. So I had to real quick-like brush the stuff off the top of the frames, but it fell all over the glass.

The plaster guy came in, saw that the photos were off the wall and made some comment that everyone has their own style.

He went about patching and then painted over the patched part and put the photos back on the wall.

There was one photo that was too heavy for me to lift off the wall, so I left that one there.

After it was all done, and I went back to my computer to do some work, I heard, “Oh, no!”

And then another, “Oh, no!” And then another, “Oh, no!” The largest painting, and the most expensive one, and the only one I didn’t get off the wall, and the only one not covered with glass, had drops of paint on it.

Now, who’s the idiot?

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