The Free Spirit begins her journey

I’ve been called a “Free Spirit” and suppose those who think that of me are correct, for here I am a senior citizen, at age 74 embarking on a year-long traveling adventure beginning in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Why Iceland?” People asked last week when I disclosed that I was planning a year long adventure, and I said, “Why not Iceland?”

I was in Reykjavik a few years ago, and not only found the people friendly and helpful, but the terrain mysterious and beautiful.

Yesterday morning, after a flight beginning in San Francisco on Alaska Air, and a change to Iceland Air in Seattle, I arrived in Reykjavik extremely tired, but was energized when I had to walk nearly three miles to the Igdlo Guesthouse dragging luggage behind me with one hand and the computer in the other.

It is chilly today but not freezing cold. My raincoat and vest under it was just right for the brisk walk I took to find my first home. I call the places I’ll be staying at home, because if I didn’t call them home, I’d have to admit to homelessness…don’t want to think of it that way.

The first day began when I boarded a bus in the Keflavik Airport after making a patient woman give me information about one of the places I would be staying after the eight days I’d be at the Igdlo Guesthouse. News about that place will follow in future postings.

I found Igdlo (which is a Greenland language word for Igloo), and now I’m sitting in the community room  writing my first blog, and can report that the house, while it was difficult to find on foot, is clean and comfortable. Ingmar, one of the owners, is a complete gentleman and ready to help out in a minute. He has been called into service a few times already.

The terrain from the airport put me in mind of a moonscape. From the bus window, you see miles and miles of rolling hills of black lava rock, with low-growing yellowish grass, and green moss blanketing chunks of lava rock structures lying helter-skelter.

The rocks of all sizes and shapes rolled out of the Icelandic volcanoes and stayed in place forming structures, whose sole purpose from then on, was to enhance a travelers’ imagination.

This is the first post of my blog, and in future postings, I hope to bring attention to the culture of the people I come across, and give my impression on how other people live in other parts of the world.

I have always had a love of studying world-wide cultures, and this is the fulfillment of the dream to travel far to learn how other people live. This time is the right time. I’ll post something everyday to show how an American Expat experiences the world.





6 Responses to The Free Spirit begins her journey

  1. Greatings from River Road, Soledad CA.
    Have read your first blog…and enjoyed it. Keep em coming. I’m on page 190.
    We already miss you,
    Paula, Bud, Sarah, and Mary

  2. So glad to hear you got there safely and your adventure has begun!! I cannot wait to see photos and read about your adventure!! 🙂 Amanda

  3. Congratulations on your arrival, all in one piece and without a hitch so far!!
    I look forward to reading about your adventures!
    🙂 Susan

  4. Hi Laureen. Glad you got there safely and met some wonderful people. Take care sweet lady. Have fun. I am headed back to Norfolk, Virginia to start a new chapter of my life as well. Be safe.


  5. fascinating!! I wish I had looked here earlier for now I will have to catch up somehow. My friend Susan (above) told me about you and your adventure a while ago but life gets away from me and I didn’t get here until now. What a fun thing to do!! I am so envious and look forward to reading more.

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