The end is near

The last meeting of AmeriCorps was held today, and everyone had an opportunity to say goodbye.

I’m feeling very good about the end, and not one bit sad.

AmeriCorps keeps reminding us that we’re volunteers with a monthly stipend and a bigger one at the end. We’re told how we must use the final stipend, and we’re constantly reminded that we are not employees.

I wonder why we must pay taxes on our volunteer stipend if we’re not employees?

I’m leaving AmeriCorps with more debt than when I went into it.

However,to be honest,  there were many good moments and those good moments will stay with me far longer than anything negative.

I will remember the cute kids where I worked at the booths. I’ll remember the many volunteers and how diligent every one of them carried out their assignments. I will always be impressed with every single volunteer, no matter how young, old, strong or not strong. They all did more that what was expected.

I will remember the wonderful music of the Next Generation Jazz Band, and the memories that evoked, when my son played in that very young band, organized by the Monterey Jazz Festival. The same instructor is still teaching middle, high school and college level jazz musicians, and he does it with humor and great style.

I’ll remember the staff at the Arts Council and the quiet room where we worked. I’ll remember the gallery openings and the reward of meeting so many talented artists and photographers.

Only two more working days, and then the move.


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