The day in the life of expat

Just had breakfast: a bowl of soup with beef slices and another kind of meat and lettuce leaf, onion greens, some kind of sprouts and who knows what else? Then there was some kind of sweet roll and coffee with condensed milk and sugar. Tea and no rice this morning.

Last night the meal was rice, stir fried vegetables, duck egg omelet with onions.

Yesterday I taught two classes and both of them went very well. The principal of the school even participated. I organized the competition with the game, Board Boggle. At first, I needed to explain the word boggle then students threw out names to put into squares. The teams had five minutes to come up with as many words as possible from the letters they chose.  They all had a great time.

I taught one class the song, Six Little Ducks, and they loved that.

Then I got my ride back on a wet tuk tuk, as it poured down rain while in class. We drove through the dark with fire flies lighting the way and crickets and frogs singing their night songs. I had dinner and then went to my room.

My bed is stone hard.

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