The Butler and Johnny Ray

I took myself to see the movie, The Butler. The film featured a famous cast. It was interesting to watch their interpretation of the personalities of presidents and leaders during the turbulent  rioting throughout the years that the butler worked inside the White House.

The movie began by showing  the mistreatment of black slaves. It was graphic and sad. I cried. Why do humans mistreat other humans?

I wish the movie had portrayed more of the butler’s  early life to his stint in the White House and his life inside the White House. But perhaps that was to make it easier for me to digest the pain and humiliation that Black folks suffered as slaves, and by the way, still suffer humiliation at times.

Then I came back to the cozy house where Johnny Ray and Tazzie await to be fed. Right now Tazzie tries to sit on my lap while I’m at the computer. She insists her place is right here. I push her off and she comes  back immediately. It’s not fair…she shows me her belly and just invites me to rub it, but then she gets mad when you do and scratches your hand. So Tazzie, you are a spoiled brat, but I like you anyway.

They are cozy little critters and used to being spoiled. The have their own dishes in separate parts of the house. They get fresh water everyday and a brushing. They do get to go outdoors through an opening in the door. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone was inside the house.

It was someone, and that someone was Johnny Ray. He jumped on the bed and slept there the rest of the night.





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