The Brits are celebrating…what?

Took to my room yesterday, but in the community room/kitchen the Brits were celebrating.   Five guys, rambunctious to say the least.

No they are not celebrating the Queens Jubilee, but something akin to that, I suppose. Anyway, they took  turns walking back and forth to and from the showers, in just their skivvies. One had hot pink briefs. I felt as though I shouldn’t be sharing in their joy, but when hot pink flashes before your eyes, what can you do?

They got all dressed up, including the gentleman who will be a groom in September, dressed as the bride. See the photo of that to believe it. Woe to the wedding party if these guys are the groomsmen. They left about 10:30 p.m. for a night on the town, and came back in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up to the sounds of singing, and a women’s voice shouting, “Don’t you have any manners?” I’ll answer that…no they don’t.

Late last night a couple from the States came into my room to sleep on the extra bunk bed. This is my first experience staying in a coed hostel, and it’s quite strange to be so intimate with strangers.

This morning I walked all the way to the mall to replenish my supplies, and who should I meet there but the Hungarian, Gergo. He’s the first guy I met when I arrived over two months ago; and who helped me carry my groceries back to the guesthouse. We had been emailing this morning and I told him I would be going to the mall and he surprised me. It’s fun to see him again. We compared notes about our current sleeping arrangements, and it seems he’s got a challenge where he is as well. What makes someone want to sing at the top of their lungs before day break? Even birds don’t do that.

When I got back to my room, after a Taxing ride; taxing because the driver didn’t understand where I wanted to go; but he stopped the meter until he understood, in typical Icelandic friendliness.

Anyway, now there’s a gentleman from Seattle asleep in my room with jet lag. Life isn’t a bit boring for me.

At the mall I find it similar to American malls; loud music and lots of people. I went to the grocery store and heard the sounds of the 50s.

Prices here are about the same as in America, with some items a little bit higher. Don’t know what it’s like for the Brits, and don’t think they know themselves.



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  1. Carla Hamelin

    Hi Laureen, sounds like you’re in an interesting and somewhat entertaining place (where you’re staying). Sharing a coed space seems ok, except when the snoring starts at night from any of the guys! LOL. You mentioned in several posts back that you needed to buy some clothing? Did you end up doing that? If so, how is the selection of brands and styles over there? I’m jealous over your sweater you bought! I had one when I was a teenager, it was from Norway, I wore it all the time with the foggy PG weather, it was great! Take care, be safe~ 🙂

    • Carla, the brands are a mix of what we are familiar with somewhat, with other brands made in France and Germany. Wool clothing like my sweater is abundantly available in Iceland, as it is in other Scandinavian countries, as well. I purchased two long sleeved Tshirts yesterday, but didn’t find the pants I wanted. I want some khaki pants but didn’t find them. You find mostly leggings. The fad here with all ages is leggings under shorts. It’s a style I’m not used to seeing, and it won’t be seen on me.

      Snoring? I’m afraid of keeping people awake myself, as I know I snore and I have great conversations with myself in my sleep. One other person joined the room last night but left real early this morning. The one who has already been in the room came back real late. Seems night life in Iceland compares to nowhere else on earth.

      I woke up to find a nice couple from Norway making breakfast and another man just left who is from Transalvania.

      It’s a mix of really nice people from all over the world. I love it.

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