The benefits of thinking positively

Well here I am looking for a place to nest for ten months beginning in September.

I’m seeing it as just another opportunity I have to use my positive energy. I haven’t always had that in my life.

But just a few short years ago, I decided that when you have a positive approach to challenges, everything gets solved, sometimes differently than what you first imagined it to be, and sometimes better than you could imagine.

So I’m putting this out to many avenues and it will be fun to see how it ends up.

I need a place to roost from Sept. for ten months when my job with the Monterey Arts Commission ends. The job is being financially supported by Americorps, so it isn’t a huge amount of income.But  I can tell you this: it is enough!!!

I can pay up to $650 a month either for a room, a cabin or a studio. Of course, it would be best for it to be in Carmel, because my office is in the Sunset Center.

However, anyplace close enough to commute would be good, as well. That is in Monterey, Pacific Grove, or ????

So if anyone has some ideas let me know.

Meanwhile, if you’re reading this and you’re in another country, stay tuned for once I get settled, I’ll be writing about the job. So don’t give up reading yet!!!



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