The baby sitter…me!

It’s been a long, long time since I took care of a small child. None of my kids crawl on the floor, and neither do my grandkids. Singing or making funny sounds are no longer necessary to make them laugh or to keep them occupied. I almost forgot what that was like all those years ago. Those years came and went way too fast.

Today I took care of Jonathan for fifteen minutes while Juliane took her little nephew to kindergarten. He had arrived with his daddy, David, earlier in the morning.

Everything went fine, while Jonathan was happy looking at the little world globe I wear around my neck. He could put his little fingers around it and put it in his mouth…where everything goes these days.

Then he cried a little bit but I picked him up and went to the window to watch the snow fall. I sang, “Let it snow.” He made me feel proud of my singing, when he didn’t cry: not even once. He actually seemed to enjoy it…he’s the only one so far in the world who doesn’t howl like a coyote when I sing.

He got heavy while holding him.  But holding him and singing to him  seemed to keep him happy for quite a long time, until I had to sit down.

Fifteen minutes went by fast and Juliane came back and took over. I must say I admire how hard she works as a young mother, as it doesn’t seem easy. She packs Jonathan in a buggy and goes for walks in all kinds of weather, every day and sometimes more than once a day.

So everyone should get fifteen minutes of fame, someone said a long time ago. I got fifteen minutes of caring for a baby…that’s better than fame.






4 Responses to The baby sitter…me!

  1. Jonathan is already missing you and your singing! 🙂

    • Well Jonathan is the only one in the world, but then his musical ears are ready to accept about anything. Wait a few years and he’d start hollering. Thanks for your good care of me.

  2. Hi Laureen,

    hope you had a good trip to Berlin!
    Have fun!
    It was a great joy having you stay with us!

    • Hi Lenny and Juliane: you spoiled me and I loved it. Thanks for everything. I got here easily, except for one long staircase up to the final train. Ales goed. Laureen

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