Thanksgiving and Aunt Roberta

I got word yesterday from my second cousin, Scott that his grandmother, my aunt died. It’s strange how this works: I had been thinking about her because I remember her daughter, Claudia who is my cousin, and Scotts mother, telling me that Roberta had alzheimer’s and probably wouldn’t know me. And lately I wondered how she was doing. I had good intensions of asking Claudia but didn’t.

Not only did I think of Roberta, but since it’s close to Thanksgiving, I started thinking about our family dinners with my cousins: Claudia, Beverly and Marilyn in Denver. We would stuff ourselves and then run around the block.

The kids; my three girl cousins, and sometimes another girl cousin and a boy cousin, my brother and I all sat at the kids table, and I always thought my job would be to make them laugh. I think it worked.

But now back to Roberta, she was married to my uncle, who was my mother’s brother. He was a gentle man and very sweet. I loved his good nature and humor. He married Roberta, who was poised and I always thought, a very classy lady. When I went to Colorado University, she recommended me for a sorority during pledge week. I didn’t pledge that sorority or any other.

I remember how she helped me on the day of my mother’s funeral.

The older generation is leaving me now with that status. I have only one aunt left. That aunt was married to another uncle was also  my mother’s brother. She lives in Sacramento.

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