Thankfulness in 100 ways

One hundred reasons to be thankful: Larry, Sue, Treva, Bobby, Brad, Debby, Michael, Brandon, Ronnie, Ronnie’s music, Larry’s easy humor and smile, Sue’s horses, Treva’s discipline, Bobby’s baseball skill, Brad’s intelligence and humor, Debby’s dancing.Barbie, Max, Dave, Jan.Paula, Bud, Sarah, Mary. Paula and Bud’s generosity and support.Paulette, Jaqui, Alyssa, Klara, Ellen M. Anna Mae, Marilyn R and Marilyn M, Sumi, Pat M. Ellen K, Robert, Sonja,  and many other friends. German and Dutch relatives and relatives of relatives who are my friends.A place to live, a roommate, my car, my camera, computer, telephone, my friends, my skills.I have plenty to eat, a place to sleep, a love of travel, a love of reading.I am relatively healthy, medicine, a good doctor, who I don’t need to see that often.AmeriCorps, future travel, payday, social security, turkey, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, fruit bowl, mashed potatoes, and other things on their way. Tables, chairs, couch, bookcase, paintings, back yard, Ft. Ord. Good coffee, half and half, sparkling cider, silver ware, dishes, soap and a dish washer. Clothes washer, vacuum sweeper, carpet, nice bathroom. Memories of Thanksgiving, Uncle Art and Jean, Uncle Bill and Aunt Roberta, Barbie, Dennis, Claudia, Beverly and Marilyn, my brother Jack and sister-in-law Carol, John and family, Lori and daughter and soon to be grandmother, my mother and father. I’ve been given much in my life, and I’m happy most of the time. There that’s 100. It was easy!





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