Thankfulness for 2013

Looking back over my awesome year of 2013, I’m grateful for every single person who helped me along the trail I found myself on. Here’s a thank you for the folks who put me up in their homes, the hotels and hostels I stayed in, the people who helped me get on and off trains, buses, taxis and airplanes. I thank my extended family members in Holland and Germany and for the awesome experience in Berlin at Christmas and the New Years Eve rumble at the gate and my friend Marilyn who met me in Berlin and my friend Marc in Berlin who works at an art gallery. I’m thankful for all the women and men who I met on the journey in waiting rooms, in transportation from one country to the next. Here’s to the awesome experience working with executives in Spain. I’m thankful for the certificate I earned while flying on the shortest booked flight in the world, from one island to the next. I’m thankful for all the cultural experiences and all that I have learned on the journey. I’m thankful for the many stories I have yet to share.And a special thank you to Paula and Bud.

What a year!

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  1. Laureen…..for taking us along on that year long journey through your written words and pictures……THANK YOU !!
    Paula and Bud

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