Technology is like a spook hiding behind a door waiting to jump out at me

It scares me; learning something new in technology. So far I’ve learned to do everything I need to do for my jobs, my writing and posting photos. But when I have to learn something new I feel like hiding under the bed.

But if you have to work there is no getting around the tech requirements. I’d rather be walking down a dark street in some foreign country late at night with the moon out full, and foot steps behind me than to have to learn something more in technology. In that situation, I can rely on my intuition, my creativity and my belief that the person behind me is a good soul.

So when the new technology assignment  has to be learned,  I crawl out and face the executioner like a brave, brave soul. And then, I’m facing it and it takes me longer to learn than the normal person; I begin to doubt my intelligence, my ability to learn and I keep asking myself, is there something wrong with me? Did I fall on my head as a youngster? Well, yes I did. A few times, but those dents have been long smoothed over, so nothing I tell myself stops me and I just keep on going until I get it.

People try to help, and those poor folks are so patient, but they tend to explain things like you should already know it and then they walk away and let you stumble.

So this is where I am right now. I have a report due, only through the internet and I’m stumped.  Guess I’ll crawl under the bed.




3 Responses to Technology is like a spook hiding behind a door waiting to jump out at me

  1. I’m pulling for you. We can learn it, even at our age

    • Sumi, I hope so. If the people I’m working for are patient and don’t put me down, I can learn it. But if they roll their eyes, I’m doomed. I don’t need pressure to make me better.

  2. Laureen…

    Come on,Laureen…….YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!

    Paula and Bud

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