Technology is begging me

At the Greenfield Harvest Festival business office, I did a bit of everything, beginning with fluffing up paper flowers for the stage on Sunday, and also painted some medallions that will be given to the runners before the event begins.

Then I made up some fancy ribbons that will be used for the car show. They were previously used for another event and were left over, so I had to  update them for Sunday’s event.

A woman volunteer who proved to be an expert on the computer, typed all the volunteers into a data base, and then I worked with her to place the volunteers, hopefully where they said they would like to work.

Excel is the program used for the data base, and while I assume I’m the last person to learn how to use it, I did manage to learn a bit,however, I was delighted to have the volunteer do most of the work while I watched. But you know,  a person learns best by just getting into it. I really thought this job would have me out speaking to people and hosting events, but turns out that technology is used everywhere, and there’s no getting out of it.

So, I’m learning..

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