Tea, tamales and a ballerina

Son Ron and I went to Taco Bell in Marina. I wanted to show him what the 50s and early 60s were like and listen to the music from my era.

He had a good time and even knew some of the music. Be Bop and all.

Then we went to Willy bird’s and had chicken tamale’s and tea. Fun!

The purpose of the visit was to ask him to help me find things to sell from my storage unit. I found the Lladro Ballerina, but couldn’t make myself look any further. There’s a Bible verse that says something like, “store not treasures on earth where moths and rust corrupts, for where they are there is your heart.”

I probably didn’t get that perfectly, but you get the idea. It’s time to downsize and let other people enjoy what I have that I’m not using. And the money will be put to good use.

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