Talk with Monk

I just had a lovely talk with Bov. Sinath, a Monk where I’m staying.

He told me about a holiday called Pchum Ben Day, which is fifteen days of giving. The holiday will be in September and celebrated  in all the over 5,000 Pagoda’s in Cambodia.

It’s a religious festival known as Ancestors Day. People bring food or shoes to the Monks, to help them, and in doing that, it gives the givers a good feeling and a long life.  This is a summary of what I learned today.

Sinath was a very interesting, and informed person, who spoke pretty good English. I enjoyed meeting him. There are very few opportunities to speak English with anyone, so I appreciated him very much. It was a pleasure, for sure.


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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen…..really enjoying our Travels With Laureen !
    Thanks for taking all of us along …….
    Paula and Bud

    • HI Paula, Bud and Lori,

      I’m disappointed in the Internet possibilities where I’m staying. However, I’ll be in a wifi hotel for two days, starting tomorrow, and I’ll try to catch up a bit. I have some amazing photos, so I’ll continue with those even when I’m back in the states. Stay with me.

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