Taking two screaming cats to Costa Rica

My son Ron and I were at the San Francisco airport with each cat in their separate carriage. And we met all the requirements for the cats to enter Costa Rica, and to board the airplane.

So there we were, Ron had one carriage and I had the other. The customs agent told us to take the cats out of the carriage so the carriages could be searched. Then the next request was a real challenge.

“Put your arms out so I can search.” I had a death grip on the cat, thinking that if Peaches got out of my arm, he’d be lost in the airport probably forever.  So I switched the cat from one arm to the next so the agent could search both of my sides.

Then she told me to sit down and take off my shoes.

“What? How am I going to do that with this cat?” She gave me a stone face.

So I sat down, worked one shoe off, all the while holding on to Peaches, and then she asked me to lift my feet so she could look under them.

Ron went through the same ritual as I did, and then when that ordeal was over, we put the cats back into their little carriages and boarded the plane. This time we put the cats under the seat in front of us on the plane. The cats screamed until we got into higher altitude, and then when we arrived in Costa Rica, they screamed all the way through customs. Our paper work was shown and approved, and we didn’t need to take the cats out of their carriages this time.

I had previously arranged for a Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica. I had packed a box and some newspapers, so right away, the cats new that was their litter box and it sufficed until the next day, when I purchased some cat litter.

So the lesson is to be prepared for any surprises while boarding and arriving. Have all the necessary paper work with you handy. Arrange for a litter box immediately when arriving. A box with newspapers is easy to pack and works fine for a short time.



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