Taking precautions

I went to the drugstore to get the prescriptions that my doctor advised me to get for the Cambodian experience and one of the meds nearly caused my blood pressure to go sky high.

It was over $300!!!! Outrageous. And the insurance refuses to pay for it. The pharmacist, even  before they told me about the cost, sent a fax to the doctor to ask him to talk to the insurance or send them a note.

I haven’t heard back from that. But if the insurance doesn’t cover it, I’ll go without it. I’m taking as much precautions as I can. I’ll get shots on Tuesday for various recommendations so I’ll be ready.

AmeriCorps is supposed to cover the entire cost of the adventure, however, so far I have paid around $900 out of my own pocket. Nothing is ever as it is given us to believe, it seems.

But I’ve been working and have been able to cover the expenses.

My roommate has a replacement for me, and she is a young woman of 19. She has moved in a month earlier and is splitting the rent with us.



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