Taking care of the world in a worldly world

The CSUMB AmeriCorps group caravanned down to the campus of Cal Poly to take in two days on how to create change; change in many venues.

The opening evening, there was an inspirational speaker who motivated the larger group into thinking big, thinking positive, and taking steps to create the life we want.

Of course, I was the oldest in the crowd, and really had to smile when what she said was directed to those twenty years olds and younger. But it’s always good to reinforce positive thinking. I try,  but often backslide, so it’s always good to hear a positive reinforcement.

On the way back the next day we stopped at the Madonna Inn where everything is pink and opulent. The decor coincides with the book I’m reading. It’s all about flamboyant Liberace and his love of extravagance.

So, the weekend was about how to be good to ourselves, each other, the universe and ends with opulence and extravagance. What a world.



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