Taking a dry run in the rain

Taking a dry run in the rain this morning to the bahnhof (train station) so I’ll have no surprises on Friday morning.

It’s a good thing I walked to the station to get an idea of where I should stand to catch the train, because I followed where someone pointed out where to go and it was wrong.

That was Hildegard Willig. I mentioned her before a few pages back. She was heading again to the eye doctor. She showed me her new glasses in a case, and said they weren’t working out for her.

I explained what I was about to do and she pointed to the station. However, when I walked the way she pointed it was to the old station building that now looks like a haunted house.

But it didn’t matter, as time is no problem today, so I just continued on the road and up an old stairway that no longer connects to the bridge to the new bahnhof.

I walked back down the moss and rotting leaf, covered, stairway again and to the road where I had seen Hildegard, and then back down the correct road to the current station.

The abandoned staircase to the old station


Isn’t it strange what you can see the second time at a place that you missed the first time?

This time the station looked well used and there was a fleet of taxi’s waiting to pick people up from the arriving trains. Why I didn’t see the station and the taxi’s when I arrived is amazing, but then, we must remember it was in a total white-out that day.

After learning how to navigate my early morning leave taking on Friday, I walked again to town. This time I walked closer to the Rhine River which seemed to be moving faster as the wind was stronger today. Most of the snow that greeted me when I arrived has melted.

Another pretty door

Some of what I found today were more brass squares inserted in the sidewalk with the names of Jewish families who were removed from their homes and sent to camps during WWII. I feel sad every time I see one of those, and this time it was a whole family.

The spot that signifies where a Jewish family was taken away during WWII and never returned

I also saw a window on the third floor with a pulley that is used to lift furniture up to the apartment above. You see these more often in Holland.




A pulley to get furniture up on the top floor

Also saw a close up of another castle; this one right in town, and some more beautiful old and interesting doors.

I had lunch in a favorite restaurant. It was carrot and ginger soup with fried celery. The celery was stringed and fried. Really good.

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  1. Lauren…..another beautiful door .
    So far I think my favorite picture is The Abandoned Staircase……..there is just something about it….
    How long will you be in Germany….and where to next ?

  2. Laureen….thanks for taking us along as you saw all the wonderful places in Germany……now on to Holland !
    Paula and Bud

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