Take me out to the ball game

10334242_10203006592240151_8471289130283114574_nSon Larry, daughter-in-law Sue, and her mother, Betsy and I traveled up to Modesto to watch my grandson,Bobby play ball.

They won!

It was fun to watch Bobby walk nonchalantly up to the mound and then get into the baseball warrior’s stance and hit the ball out there! His strategy was not to hit it out of the ballpark, although I’ve seen him do that, but to hit it to allow guys on bases run in to home.

Golly, I’m behind the times with baseball. I had quite a time trying to see where the ball was going and who was catching it…or missing it.

I took lots of photos and wore a turquoise hat, which got the attention of the promoters. All of a sudden I saw myself up on the screen and someone looking at me with a microphone.

“We’ve seen you taking photos, and wearing that big hat, and having a good time, so here we want you to have this.”

I thank him and barely got the words out, “I’m Bobby’s Oma,” but it was too late. He and the camera man were gone.

What a fun day; I had Bobby autograph the ball, took photos of him getting ready to board the A’s bus and then he said good bye to all of us, his cousins, aunt and uncle and his darling, cutie pie girlfriend Lindsey.  IMG_1021 IMG_1046 IMG_1040

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen….so glad you were able to see your G’son play ! What a handsome young man !
    Paula and Bud

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