Surprises and duties

The wind is blowing strong, and the water in the Fjord has been flowing south instead of north for the past two days.

Being in an island out in the ocean brings all kinds of surprises. This morning, while looking out the big window, the water was blue and rolling, and a large fishing boat was making its way back to Thorshofn port.

I grabbed my camera, threw on my Icelandic sweater and slipped on my shoes, and ran outside to get a shot.

Later, I faced strong winds heading to the hot pot, keeping my balance and trying not to fall over.

The hot pot was a welcome and appreciated way to get warm again.

The day before, I walked back from the town a little different way, and took photos of the hotel where I’m staying, from a different view.

Today, it was time for me to change the bedding of the men who are working on the new fish production facility. Part of my agreement to stay here at a low price was to help out a bit. And I agreed to change the bedding and give a birth control pill to the cat. I accomplished both projects, and am off the hook until next week; not a hard job at all, and the benefits are a tremendous view, a nice place to sleep and an atmosphere of a small fishing village that I wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

A description of the hotel and its history will be supplied sometime by the owner. It was a summer home of his family and he purchased it from his mother four years ago.

The hotel is the pink house in the top photo, the other is another aluminum sided house and an old boat I found on my walk.  Enjoy!!!


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