Sunday walk

It’s Sunday morning and I wanted to attend church. There are two beautiful churches near the hotel. One is across the street and the other is about one block down the street.

The church across from my hotel

The bells ring loud and long; you’d think they were calling people to church, however, when I attempted to get inside, both churches were closed. Guess the bells are just for the tradition; I don’t know the reason for the churches closing.



The church one block away. The red stone is the same as used throughout the city of Mainz

So I just made a walk around the neighborhood, which has become my traveling habit.

Everything is closed on Sundays in Germany, so walking is the best bet.

One interesting habit the German’s have when moving out of an apartment or business building, is to clear everything out and put it all on the street, which will be picked up by the city. However, there are some items left that people can use, and while walking around, I noticed cars and vans would stop and look at the mother lode on the street and take what they want.


I saw some items of interest: a large suitcase in perfect condition, sofa’s, chairs, tables and desks, pottery, cups and saucers. You name it…

The photos I am posting here, are those I took while on a Sunday walk. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

Hildegard got around!

Peeping Tom Cat

4 Responses to Sunday walk

  1. Laureen…What beautiful churches !! Did you find out why they were closed ?
    Love the peeping Tom cat !

  2. At times I can hear the town clock bells chime in from my apartment here in santa cruz. Isn’t it surprising at the number of churches there are throughout the world.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I love the sound of church bells, and, yes, it is surprising how many there are in the world. In Europe they are mostly very old…like hundreds of years old, made of stone…and beautiful.

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