The Greenfield Harvest Festival was a success, if you can count all the smiles on the folks who enjoyed the free activities, car show, all day music, food, parade and more.

I was amazed at how many people showed up to get in on the action as volunteers. Why did they wait until the last minute to get in? Could it have been the free lunch? Or did they just learn that if they showed up they would get credit for their time for high school mandated community hours?

Well, for whatever reason, they all had jobs to do, and I think they all did a pretty good job. I spent most of my time in the reception area, but managed to get out to hear the music. I also conducted the drawing for the two free computers.

A woman by the name of Letty, worked tirelessly both Saturday and Sunday in the reception area preparing the lunch and then serving it. There seems to always be one person you can depend on, and one who will work hard and take pride in their work.

I’m learning a lot about volunteers, their motivation, and how I am to work with them.


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