Yesterday’s First Night Monterey’s event went well. I had to shift volunteers around, but they were all awesome. They were the best anyone could hope for. I feel blessed to have recruited over 100 people to  help the community welcome in the new year.

However….on my way home, the car felt like it wanted to change gears, and I had to drive very slowly to get home. The engine light came on and I made it home.

So I tried again this morning, but got about three blocks away and turned around, and called a tow truck and now it’s in the shop.  Hope it’s not a serious  problem. And I’m hoping it’s not an omen for 2014….well, I won’t think about it that way.

The car didn’t know it was a new year.

Happy New Year!!!

4 Responses to Success!….until…

  1. Congratulations, you did it. Now on to the arts.
    Have a fabulous 2014!

    • Yes, it is done, Sumi. However, the car broke down on the way home and it’s in the shop. The director needed help to tear down and I think she got some soldiers.

  2. Laureen….we knew you could ( would ) do it .
    Now … sick is your car ??

    • The car: I haven’t heard back from the car repair folks yet. So I don’t have any idea yet. Meanwhile, I’m letting the “tearing down” of the event get done by volunteers the director had to recruit. I need to wait for car news. Volunteer recruiting for the Arts Council begins as soon as I get there.
      The event is Jan. 18th so there’s work to do.

      All is going to be okay. I’m staying positive. Boy, oh boy, don’t we depend on our cars?

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