Street scenes/taking it easy

How could I get this cold on my very last week?  It’s a humdinger. I found a pharmacy this morning and gestured that I had a cold in my nose. His gesture asked if it was also a sore throat. I gestured back, by pointing to my nose again.  He handed me some medicine and another box with nose drops.

I came back to the  hotel, took the medicine and slept for about three hours.


Late last night one of the hotel workers knocked on my door to see if I was okay, as no one had seen me the whole day. It’s nice that they are concerned.


I took some photos of the area around the hotel. Meanwhile, I’ve seen enough, and will only go out for meals, until I fell better.

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  1. Laureen…continue to enjoy your pictures. Re: the ball- gowns…..who wears those ? Surly not those women you pictured wearing the nun-looking dresses !
    Rest,force fluids and …..get ready to head for HOME !!!!!!

    • Paula: I mentioned back a few posts ago, about those gowns. Some are slinky and some are full like in the photos of yesterday. It’s a mystery to me who wears them. There are many shops with wedding dresses and elaborate gowns. Big question with no answers.

      I’d say 90 percent of the women here wear head scarfs and some are very fashionable, with matching dresses and or coats. Some just wear normal clothing with a scarf. It has to do with their beliefs.

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