Stinky feet

A big Swede is now sharing the room with me and the German guy. He took off his boots and now the room stinks, and it’s not Channel Number Five. It’s more like “Stockyard After Five”.  The German closes the window because it’s cold, and the Swede prefers that, as well. But I prefer to be cold with fresh air. The window is too far up for me to reach it and it’s across the room.  Coed sharing is down right weird sometimes.

This Hostel is far away from anything, and a car would be helpful.  I’ve traveled by moe and joe (left foot, right foot). I look forward to moving on in a few more days. When traveling cheaply you have to take the good with the bad; the stink with the fresh.

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  1. Carla Hamelin

    I agree with having a cool room…especially under these circumstances! Maybe pretend you are in a cheese store? LOL!

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