Stinky bus ride

I think it is so boring for someone to tell you how tired they are, and I’m going to bore you and tell you I’m tired.

After five hours on the ‘garlic’ bus, and other annoyances, I arrived at Vitoria in the Basque area. I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow. But first, let me tell you about that five hour ride.

The man sitting next to me must have devoured an entire field of garlic bulbs, as he reeked. I offered him a mint and he said, very politely, “no, gracias”.

Then there was the greasy headed man that sat in front of me. He had little spiked hairs all over his head which made me think of a hedge-hog.

Stinky got off the bus after about two hours, and then a big bear sat next to me. He was fat and wore brown and had been drinking. He also reeked. Then in about two minutes the big brown bear fell asleep and leaned on me.

When I pushed him away, he snorted, and that made the hedge hog in front of me laugh.  The little spikes jumped up and down on his head.

We drove through different terrain including an area of massive rocks and then fields of wheat. I saw a house on a hill of wheat that made me think it was just exactly as I had pictured Spain to look like.

When I arrived at the Vitoria station Jose was there to pick me up. He’s an absolute delight and loves to show off his town. I have already seen much of the ‘old town’ of Vitoria tonight and look forward to more of it tomorrow.

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  1. not tired just well traveled. especiallly on the stinky bus… and as you well know, what a difference a day makes… can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings for you.. enjoying your honesty and love of traveling and love of people. anne.

  2. Laureen,
    I have had all the experiences on buses such as you have had and one that may await you. I, once standing, and being tired with no available seat, offered to hold an infant sitting next to his mother so that I could have a place to sit. His mother handed the child to me. He wet his pants and mine.

  3. Whoa, I can’t eat garlic (or onions) because they wreck my stomach. I think I would’ve collapsed into the aisle from fume poisoning! Hang in there, I’m rooting for you. m-e

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