Still trying to get back on my feet

I’m still under the weather. What an expression that is! It rained here all last night. My room is a tiny space next to a small open court yard. I can hear birds chattering away. One sounds like a baby crying. And another sounds like the boss of a gang crew.

I hop out of bed all night long to take care of the problem belly. The belly doesn’t ache like it did, but sure wish I could limit the trips to the bathroom.

My stomach growls like a family of bears having a picnic in the forest.

I tried to find a restaurant this morning where I could get just rice. It didn’t happen, instead I had chickpea soup with spinach. That was so delicious. Later I had an urge for mashed potatoes and gravy. Didn’t find that, but did find rice in a noodle restaurant.

Again, Picasso awaits for me.

2 Responses to Still trying to get back on my feet

  1. Laureen …glad you are feeling better…….chicken soup is the very best remedy..followed by mashed potatoes and gravy !!!!!! Be sure to keep hydrated, even if not thirsty.
    We have rain today…..can almost hear our valley saying thank you !
    Waiting for your report on Picasso..
    Paula and Bud

  2. Oh, dear, gippy tummy, is my diagnosis. Glad you’re almost back on your feet. A couple of those days sounded like a terrible ordeal. Uf, no more of that, I hope! m-e

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