Still renting my wheels

I had to re-up with the little rental car, because my car isn’t ready yet.

But, life goes on and so does the Arts Council of Monterey County. I’m recruiting volunteers and this is much easier than First Night for many reasons. One obvious one is that I don’t need the huge numbers as before.

This is an elegant evening and a wonderful ambience for volunteers. I’m real happy that my son Brad and his wife, Debby will volunteer during the event.

The hotel is just a walk away to the famous Monterey Wharf, and they will be making this event part of their get-away weekend. They are staying in Monterey overnight.

It’s fun for me to combine my work with the family on occasion. This will be fun for them, I’m sure; and a bit different from their regular daily routines.



2 Responses to Still renting my wheels

  1. Laureen…that’s great that Brad and Debbie are going to be working for you….
    Don’t be too hard on them !!

    • Hi Paula and Bud,

      Yes, it will be nice to see them working with me. Sometimes I wonder what in the heck i got myself into this time. But, as it gets closer and things fall better in place, I get more confident. When it’s all over I wonder why I was so concerned. I work hard and know that, but I’m always afraid I won’t live put to the expectations…but usually do.

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