Still looking

There are some interesting places on Craigslist that I think sound good, but so far only one person has made an appointment for me to look at them: that is, since the last two I saw, but declined.

However, I did get to talk to a man who has a modular empty home 20 miles south of Carmel Valley Village, which put me in mind of where Clint E. must live. But when I spoke with him, and he began to tell me more, I could see a trailer, with broken down old cars and buses on the property that was way up in the mountains.  Only AT&T works there, “sometimes”, he said and Verizon, ” if you find the right spot”.

“Y’all can go wild boar huntin’” , my son laughed, when I told him about it.

That place was politely declined.

I keep looking.

Meanwhile, I had a nice visit with my old friend, Marilyn in Felton. I love going to her house. She is such a creative person and you never know what you might find in her house or her garden. She is calm and calming.

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