Stepping up and stepping out

Yesterday after a cultural event, I went with Brad and Aleida (Debby) to Verizon and purchased a new phone and Ipad. If anyone would like my new telephone number, email me and I’ll send it to you.

That was a step forward to my acclimation back in the United States. There is more work to come…get health insurance, my car out of storage, a place to live and an income of some sort.

I have been invited to speak to two Rotary clubs and will do that as soon as I can get some photos printed or create a short photo-show on my lap-top. My grandson,Brandon, the family king of family technology, has a lot to show me this morning.


Traditional dance of Bali, Indonesia

Yesterday before going the long trial and error of picking a phone, I went with son, Brad and daughter-in-law Debby to a Bali, Indonesian holiday celebration in a Richmond home. There, several Balinese women, in their colorful dress, performed their traditional dances. A gamelan band played the traditional music for the dancers.

The women and the men sat and conducted a ritual prayer and ceremony before the dancing began. After the dance, my favorite food in the world…Indonesian, was served.


So now, I feel I’ve been to Indonesia.


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  1. Wow Laureen,

    Back home again! Some new challenges, “get health insurance, my car out of storage, a place to live and an income of some sort”. Dorry and I are certain that you will be okay, but it will take some endurance from your side again. The kind that you’ve been showing us month after month.
    We envy your “mellow” way of live, probably the only way you know.
    We enjoyed having you at our home and hope we will see you some day in the USA, when US-customs-officers become friendly, haha.

    All the best,

    Paul and Dorry
    The Netherlands

    • Thanks Paul,

      I’m not always mellow especially when it comes to technology. I have a new phone, which I need to take the next steps, and it’s not working. So I’m trying to get that settled today.

      I try to stay positive and know there is a solution to everything.

      You two were such great hosts, and will go down as a favorite memory of my time on this journey. The scooter ride, the movie, the Indonesian restaurant and museum, the bridge, and meeting Dorry in that high rise building… Unforgettable. Yes, I hope you can come to visit sometime. You will always be welcome.

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