Step one accomplished

Hello friends,

It’s surprisingly complicated to get re-established back into the U.S. Who would have thought?

I just got up to  par with technology. My son Brad, daughter-in-law, Debby and grandson, Brandon, saw that I got a phone up and running. So if anyone wants my telephone number, just ask.

Today, I’ll be working on getting my car legitimatized with DMV. It has been stored at my other sons’ property. I won’t get the car yet, but will have it removed from the non-operating status.

I’ll also get my medication prescription from the It’s quite different process here than in foreign countries.

Right now I’m uninsured due to the company being sold to another company, so establishing an insurance is on the agenda today, as well.

Step by step….I’m getting there.

2 Responses to Step one accomplished

  1. Hi Cous,
    So glad you’re home! I think we should arrange a get-together soon.
    Love and ponies,

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