Spain Won!

Yesterday while sitting in a pub eating an open tuna melt sandwich with ‘chips’, I watched  men enjoy ravaging  each other in a game on the ‘telly’. It was being played on a huge field in the Croke stadium that seats close to 80,000 people. It is the pride of Dublin.

I learned from the waiter that I was watching Gaelic football. The men wear no protective clothing, but slam each other down on the ground in pursuit of a goal.

It was also the day of the Euro 2012 final soccer competition that would be seen in that same pub at 7:45 p.m. I began following the games a bit while in the Faroe Islands and I wanted to watch the final outcome between Italy and Spain. I learned that the games would also be shown inside the Abigales Hostel where I’m staying, so that felt safer here, than being in the pub with screaming people filled up on booze.

So Spain did beat Italy.  Some folks are deliriously happy and some are sad; so such is life.

This Hostel is the best one for comfort of all I have stayed in so far. The community room has many cushy couches and chairs, and a nice, clean kitchen. It’s close to the main part of the city, within a walking distance to shopping areas and touristy places.

Most of my clothing needed a refreshing dunk in some soap and water, so I did that in a small bathroom sink inside my room. I hung jeans, underwear and tops all over the bunk bed. There is only one other person in the room right now, so they will get dry before the three other bunk beds are filled.

I got so desperate for clean underwear that I broke down and went to a department store and purchased three pair. I met a lovely store clerk who told me about her recent trip to Iceland and other places in Europe. She and some girlfriends took trains from Holland to Russia and parts in-between. I have learned so much about traveling that I feel  another adventure coming up when this one is over.

This world is such a fascinating place, I want to see it all.



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