Solving the problem of horse-dropped memories

There was a typical small town 4th of July parade in downtown Half Moon Bay. The sidewalks were loaded with watchers. The sit-down band kept the music going throughout the day as marching organizations, floats and horses thrilled the on-lookers.

The horses were especially entertaining with their dancing and prancing and racing down the street and then back up the street again to join the rest of the horses.

When the parade was over, with the horse-dropped memories left on the street, and  needing to be cleaned up, the chore was done in the more creative way I have ever witnessed.

Five young ladies dressed in green, carried shovels, buckets  and brooms, danced around the memories left by the horses and scooped, swept and shoveled it all into buckets all the while entertaining the crowd with their antics.

It got a lot of laughs and clapping from the red, white and blue, decorated, parade watchers.

One Response to Solving the problem of horse-dropped memories

  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen….what a great way to have a fun time with horse poop !!!!
    When is your actual departure day ?

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