Soledad and Gonzales in a box

My friend Madeline left a message on Saturday asking me to visit her. I didn’t get the message until yesterday (Sunday), and it was too late to call her, so I did so this morning.

“Yes, come on over,” she said. I knew she wasn’t feeling well so I purchased some flowers at the New Leaf and awkwardly got back into my car and drove to her house, trudged out of the car,  and rang the bell.

“Hi Laureen, come on in, Madeline is waiting for you upstairs.”

Now, this is when I can introduce Madeline and Paul’s house. It’s an uniquely designed house with thick glass steps that go to the upstairs quarters where Madeline has her office. I took off my shoes and made a joke that he would be able to see my toe prints on the steps. “We have seen some toe prints,” Paul laughed.

I could have opted to take the elevator, but the steps are too fun to pass up. When you look at the house from the outside, the large windows give you the idea that the house is made of glass.

Madeline was in her office surrounded by many beautiful papers where she excels in making cards, boxes, stationery,  etc., all out of paper. She makes cards that are retailed  in Half Moon Bay.

After we talked about our kids and grandkids, she announced, “I have something for you. Here it is.” She handed me a small box typical of those she makes for gifts. She is known for making a box for every person who comes to their annual Christmas party.

She gave me a mischievous smile and I soon saw the reason. This box was made out of a map, one type of paper she uses extensively with her projects, and there it was: Soledad and Gonzales  right there on the top of the box.

“I thought you’d think it funny that I’d find Soledad and Gonzales on the map, and couldn’t resist making this for you.” She then invited me to pick out three pieces of chocolate; the boxes are never finished until it gets loaded with chocolate.

For those who  may not know this: I worked for a total of nine years as a news reporter/photo journalist for newspapers in those two towns. Before I left Madeline’s creative work, we talked for a bit about my old job. While on the job, box I broke my arm and a rib, was bitten by a dog and had a brick thrown through the window with a note to me  from a gang.

So Soledad and Gonzales is in a box. (Gonzales is on the side)

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