Sold two painted photos

Selling something you put your heart and soul into, certainly validates your work.

I know. I sold two of the photos that I painted in pastels. One was the street scene in Cork, Ireland and the other was an old boat on the Papa Westray Island north of Scotland.

Now I need to figure out how to get more photos enlarged so I can paint more with pastels. The photos are enlarged on water color paper.

I may have a source that could do that.  It’s an amazing process if you consider the starting point is the photo, then it continues on through the final stage. And then, the pay for your work doesn’t come near the time and material you put into it.

Now I understand why artists complain that you cannot make money as an artist.

But it was a creative endeavor and that’s what I love about the process.

I met a friend yesterday who took me to dinner. It’s fun being with her. She is a creative quilter. She prints her photos on cloth and then quilts them. Her work is astounding and worth every penny as wall hangings.

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