So proud of a young man

Brandon Marquez was just elected the Chief Controller of the Associated Student Body of San Jose State University.

I couldn’t be prouder of him, if he was my own son/grandson. I met him while I was a reporter and interviewed him on several occasions. He beams confidence and always has a smile on his face.

Some folks are just destined to take the lead, and I believe it is a gift. He certainly is an intelligent young man, and has a welcoming, charming personality.

I ran in to him in Monterey at Peets coffee shop that happened to be the same evening I picked up my roommate for the first time. He was so kind to her and I was so happy to see him.  He’s always in a good mood.

I mentioned him to the reporter who took my place, and I hope she’ll interview him. He’s  good example for other young people his age.

Watch this young man continue the path he’s on and I would not be surprised if he’ll become the governor of the state. Or, why not the president. He could do it.

Yea Brandon Marquez!


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