Small town parade: Saratoga, Wyoming: “Go Panthers”

First, let me tell you about the lunch-time entertainment, and then I’ll get to the parade.

A large man, (how large?). He was taller than the tallest man at the Saratoga Senior Center at lunch time. He was also rounder than some. But it all was in proportion with his large personality.

He was dressed in black pants, black boots, and a black cowboy shirt with a dizzying array of embroidery on the yoke. Adding more credit to “the look”, he wore a ten galleon black felt hat and played a big guitar.

His voice filled the room. He may have missed his calling as an opera singer. The songs were those we all know, and then a request came for the song called, “The Dazzler” with the real name, “Devil Woman”.  He gave the name as “The Dazzler” because of the high notes he must hit.

He’d stop, look at everyone, and say, “are you ready”.

“Yes” the audience yelled.

“Okay, here it comes.” Then his voice would hit the high note and everyone cheered.

Turns out the big voice was also the announcer for the homecoming parade later.

The parade, a delightful, small town event, that, not only draws the high school crowd, but has the support of the whole town. Little kids from the lower grades got to the curb and sat down before the parade began. The elementary school principal kept up the excitement until the parade began. He stood on the street, encouraging the yell, “ Go Panthers.”


I was told the kids looked forward to the candy the kids on the float would throw out to the parade watchers. The Panthers on the floats didn’t disappoint them.

Heck, I wasn’t disappointed either. It was small town fun. IMG_2722




2 Responses to Small town parade: Saratoga, Wyoming: “Go Panthers”

  1. Laureen……are you still in Wyoming ?
    Where to next ?
    Enjoyed your parade pics and story……
    Sounded and looked like Gonzales or Soledad …


    • Hi Paula: I’m back in Half Moon Bay now. Wyoming was great. I loved that small town where my friend lives.
      She and her family were so kind to me.

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