Slurping noodles for practice

The new restaurant in Marina is a cozy place and in a very short time it got very popular. It’s a Viet Nam restaurant and the food is reasonable in price and the food is also very delicious. But the noodles were hard for me to pick up with chopsticks.

I think I managed those okay about 40 years ago, but it’s like starting over again.

The waiter and a waitress, both tried to help me learn how to hold them and I thought I had the expertise until the bowl of noodle soup was brought to my table.

I tried, but couldn’t keep the noodles between the sticks. After awhile I tried the spoon, but same problem. I’d try to get the noodle up to my lips fast enough to slurp them before they slipped off the spoon.

Finally, the waitress gave me a fork. She could see that I wasn’t accomplishing getting dinner where it was supposed to be…in my mouth and not on my blouse, chin, cheeks, neck and down my arms.

I need to learn this as I’ll soon be in a country with only chopsticks.

2 Responses to Slurping noodles for practice

  1. You have to slurp fast before they fall off your chopsticks.

    • The definition of a split second: the moment you bend your head down to your chopsticks holding noodles to the second the noodles slip off the chopsticks.

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