Sitting in the opera with over 200 children was good

I was  lucky to be part of the Occhiata Foundation Day at the Opera today; live from the Metropolitan Opera house from New York City. It was a gift to over 200 Monterey County school children  from five different schools by the family of the late Maestro Theodore Garguilo, his wife Gloria and two children, Franca and Terrance.

The school children, a few teachers, and also some parents, were bused to the Century Theatre at the Del Monte Shopping Center in the morning to watch the opera Tosca.

After the opera, and which I didn’t attend, was a lunch served at the Elk’s Club. 

Before the countdown to the live program from New York, Terrence Gargiulo asked questions about the opera to test the children’s memories from an intro he gave to the students earlier at  their schools.

I was impressed with the students; they were a group of kids who chose to attend; they were all attentive and polite.

Three other volunteers from the Arts Council of Monterey County joined me:  Megan Heath, Sunny McCauley and Sam Kantornik. It was also fun to see old friend and Principal of Fairview School in Gonzales, Al Velasquez.

Today’s opera live from the Met is the fifth year the Occhiata Foundation has presented the program to children.






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  1. Thank you for sharing about the program and for being a part of the day. Wishing you many wonderful adventures and blessings in Monterey and beyond.

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