Sitting in the lobby of a fancy hotel

Janet, the owner of the B&B where I stayed for three days in Inverness, takes great care of her guests. She is organized, supplies clean rooms and an ample breakfast.

Breakfast is cereal, toast, croissant, eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms and steamed tomato. I opted out of the meat portion; you must stop somewhere.

The house of the B&B is over 100 years old, and she has lived in it for 40 years while working in the hotel business. When she needed something to do, she decided running a B&B would be easy. She makes it look easy. Wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

Yesterday evening I ventured to the top of the hill to the castle, and on the way, I met a woman who works for the Sheriff’s department, which is now housed inside the castle. The castle had been vacant for many years, but now it holds governmental business.

On my final day – today, there were two other guests in the B&B. The woman and I managed to speak pretty good Spanglish together.  She is from Spain and when I told her that at some point I’d be in Spain, all kinds of places fell out of her mouth. “You must not miss… Don’t forget to go…, etc.”

On the way to the business section, rolling my suitcase and bag, and carrying my computer, camera and billfold,  where I’d find the Bank of Scotland, I observed again, the lines of poetry that was carved into the slate-stone sidewalks. They are at various spots in the city. It would be difficult to remember where they are if I wanted to go back.

As I took one last look at the city, on my way to the bus station, there was some noticeable excitement. It is back-to-school day, and the kids are dressed in their uniforms and cross with a crossing guard at every street corner.

Meanwhile, as I sat inside of a lobby hotel, golfers were getting their suitcases out and ready for a taxi ride to the airport. For those non-golfers, Scotland is the country that gave birth to the game. You can’t go far without seeing a golf course. They all seem to fit perfectly into the green environment.

Most hotel lobbies are generous in giving use of the wifi, with usually a purchase of tea or coffee. This hotel is so fancy, it doesn’t compare to the hostels and guesthouses I usually stay. Traveling on a dime can be done, I’m proof of that. I must add here for those senior citizens who might want to do what I’m doing, and I hope they do: it takes a lot of energy to drag your ‘stuff’ through the streets. It’s making me stronger. I feel like the old lady version of “Wonder Woman.”

I’m posting a photo of the B&B where I stayed. The City House with someone getting special attention and views from the top of the castle.



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  1. It’s too bad you didn’t get to St Andrews near Edinburgh. That is supposed to be the home of the home of golf. The Old Course there was supposed to be the inspiration to the Old Course at Pebble. And of course the university there is the school of the royals! It’s where William met Kate! The future King and maybe Queen of England.

    Can’t wait to hear where you’re going to next!

    • OH, boo hoo, boo hoo!

      I can’t go everywhere, so I pick and choose what interests me. Golf doesn’t, and neither does the Royalty. I’m so much into meeting the people and learning about how other people live.

  2. i agree with you= you are a wonder women…loving the pictures and chats with the people.. anne

  3. Laureen..
    We continue to enjoy our travels with you…..through your words and photos…. Great !!!
    Paula and Bud

  4. Scrabster, huh? I would guess, then, that Orkney is your next stop. I loved Orkney! We stayed at a lovely, out of the way place called the Mill at Eyrland B&B. However, it was truly out of the way. We had a car, so if you don’t, it wouldn’t be at all convenient. Kirkwall would probably be best. Lovely place! St. Magnuss church is incredible. Skara Brae, the Italian Chapel, the Tomb of the Eagles, Maes Howe, RIng of Brodgar and Stenness Stones… we spent three nights there, and had a delightful time! We went on to Isle of Lewis and Harris, then Skye, then Mull on our trip. Skye is my favorite.

  5. Adorable town! I loved Orkney – enjoy!

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