Sinking and waiting for a unstopper to stop


How do you like this? Right during the Thanksgiving dinner prep and the clean up, the sink wouldn’t drain. But we put the dishes in the dishwasher and they did get clean, however, now the dishwasher is full of dirty water, too.

I called the landlord, but oh, lordy, he/she plumber hasn’t shown up, even when I stayed home all day yesterday to greet the good royal plunger, unstopper-in-person.

Whatever dishes were left over, I washed in the bathroom sink.

So here it is Saturday, and it’s a good thing I cannot shop because I must stay home to be here when the unstopper stops here.  Staying home saves money.

My roommate came home last night from her time in Chicago. She was so excited to tell me that she flew on the plane with the Lakers. They were sure tall, she told me.

Happy Saturday everyone who reads this.

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