Shopping at the Goodwill

The bedroom is coming along. I purchased a white, five drawer dresser yesterday, in good condition from the Goodwill in Monterey.

I remember as a kid, getting boxes of stuff together to take to the Goodwill where poor people shopped.

Now, if you go to the Goodwill, you’ll find it working just like an ‘uptown store’. Of course, much depends on management. But there are some stores, such as the one in Pacifica, that is sparkling clean, clothing organized in size and color and furniture polished and clean, books organized on shelves. My daughter-in-law didn’t like the idea at first, but once had some time on her hands and dropped in to the Pacifica Goodwill, and lo and behold found a blouse that fits her perfectly, both in size and in style. She’s hooked.

The Santa Cruz Goodwill is amazing. They have a room set apart for antiques and name brand items. The prices are a bit higher but still relatively affordable for what you get…cut glass, silver, pictures, linens, etc. They had a day set aside for the ‘good stuff’ on sale, and you had to get there early.

Nearly every Goodwill store ┬áhas sale days where certain items are blue tagged, which means they are half off. I have purchased cashmere sweaters, wine and water glasses, books, CD’s and other useful items…and why not? The Goodwill helps people get back on their feet by giving jobs to those who are in need of an income.

In every Goodwill I’ve been in, the people who work there are kind and helpful.


When I left on my yearlong journey, my son, Ron, delivered bags and bags of items to the Goodwill, of things I wouldn’t need and didn’t want to store. They were in good shape, and guess I don’t miss them because I hardly remember what I gave away.

Our living room still looks like a carpeted bowling alley, and when each of us gets a payday, we’ll begin to make it into a living room. I have a guest coming to visit in October and one in November so we need to get that going.

Right now, we have a card table with two fold up chairs.




4 Responses to Shopping at the Goodwill

  1. Laureen….sounds like your home is shaping up. Now you need a cat !!
    The Goodwill stores are great ! We now have one in Soledad.

    • It’s still a carpeted bowling alley, but we’ll get there, but keep it simple. We are both so busy with new jobs that both of us are in our bedrooms going over work and the web.

  2. Way cool, a couple of very logical suggestions! I truly appreciate you penning this posting and the remainder of your internet site is great!

    • THank you!

      I wore a beautiful long red coat today for the lighting of the Christmas tree in Monterey tonight. It also came from the Goodwill, and I got lots of compliments on it.

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