Shopping at ‘The Club House’

I walked to the CVS “club house”, purchased some stuff, and handed the cashier my red card that allows me to get a discount. He asked if I had found everything I needed and I said,”no, not really.” “How can I help you?” “Where are the big bags of pop corn?” “Sorry, I don’t know.” “Why did you say you could help me if you don’t know where things are?” “I’m sorry, but I’m suppose to say that.” Then he did have another idea and sent me there, and I came back with a big bag of popcorn. We both laughed, and made the folks in line chuckle, as well. So with my bag of popcorn and a few other things. I began walking back to the apartment. Something on a bicycle was quickly coming toward me, and it was wearing bright orange letters that spelled out BLEED.
It was a kid about 13, on the sidewalk and was aiming for me. I jumped off the sidewalk and nearly bumped into a homeless person who was climbing out of the bushes.

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